Hypothetical Websites

NOTE: It would be a monumental task to use many actual photographs for any hypothetical website.
Most pictures found on the internet are subject to copywrite, and commercial clients would submit their own photographs, or they would have a hired web designer take the photographs at their own facilities.
For this reason, I have used a bold-faced "X" to represent most photographs.

Performing Troupe

A performing Troupe website needs to plunge the viewer instantly into the very pulse of the Troupe. It must provide ready access to schedule, ticket purchase, relevant merchandise, audition details, sponsorship details, and a brief historical sketch. It must be as artistic as the Troupe itself.

Furniture Store

A challenge for any retail store website is to keep the reader browsing - to instill as many purchase ideas as possible.

One way is to intersperse theme-based cartoons in the catalog, as I have done here.

I need your suggestions.

I obviously need to add more sample sites, but what else should I include here? On the other hand, I dare not include so many as to repel the reader.

I also would appreciate your feedback on my content writing in general, but the real question is what do you need?